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Official WHAT SPACESHIPS? (03/01/2023)


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Here comes another massive changelog from us! We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some excellent updates and bug fixes! This one comes with a cool new feature we've been working on for a while now and have finished implementing. Originally it was going to be a staff tool, but as it was so awesome we decided why not make it public!

Without further adieu, here are all the changes this time round:

Game Logs
Game Logs are now available at https://gamelogs.auroramc.net/!

- Logs will generate automatically at the end of each game and be sent to each player in the lobby.
- You can view your most recent game logs through the /viewgames command.
- Game Logs will show you the full list of events that happened during the game- For longer games, this may mean you have to scroll quite a bit.

- Game Logs will provide you with basic game information such as:
• When the game started.
• Players in the game, including which team they were on and which kit they were using.
• The game that was played.
• The server that the game was played in.
• When the game ended and who won the game.

Game Logs will not generally provide statistics (Kills, EXP Earned, etc)- However, this may be worked out for things like kills if the player wishes to do so.

Other Changes
- Added 6 new emotes that can be obtained through crates.
- Fixed rain appearing in game when weather changes after the game has started.
- The message for Chat Slow & Chat Silence has been modified slightly.
- The filter will now replace words with 'BLEEP!", "BLOOP!", "BLORP!" or "BLURP!" rather than "HONK!".

- The number of rewards you have to claim is now displayed above the NPC in the lobby.
- Parkour teleport to last checkpoint item has been changed from an enderpearl to an eye of ender.
- 'The Monke' has been retired from it's duties and is now in a home.

What spaceships?

Crystal Quest
- Fixed a bug where prices for upgrades would be inconsistent in the team shop.
- Fixed a bug where Power upgrades would not work with Archer's Barrage Ability.
- Fixed archers receiving the incorrect chestplate when the game begins.
- Fixed an issue where "team" and "player" would display above the respective shop villagers.

- Buffed Missile Strike item so that it's harder to dodge and players should take cover if they want the best chance at survival.
- Fixed GUI generation so it no longer has an additional empty row.
- Fixed a bug where, for one team only, the +3 Lives shop item would be multiplied by the amount of lives per kill.

- Archer Kit will now give players Chainmail Armour, rather than Leather Armour.
- The amount of health the winner had is now displayed in the win message when a duel ends.
- You will now be notified by a sound when you receive a duel invite.
- Interacting with another player will now open the kit selection GUI to send them a duel invite.
- The tab list in duels has been updated and is now consistent with the rest of the network.

- Added internal features to allow the tracking of server uptime.
- Added a way for staff to look at previous reports.

- Forum 404 page has been changed.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where you would sometimes not be able to claim your Monthly Bonus.
Very cool, very nice. I've been chattin' with Captain Calypso - it's a shame that they can't diagnose the problem. o_O
Who's Captain Calypso? We've never heard of this guy before 🤔

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