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Official Welcome to AuroraMC


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Welcome to AuroraMC, a new Minecraft mini-game network. We are glad you're stopping by, let me introduce us.

Who are we?
We're just a group of gamers with a passion for making great things and making a community people want to be a part of. AuroraMC has been a passion project of ours and has been in development for over 4 years. While it's taking us a while, we're super excited to share what we've been working on, and we hope you all are too!

What is AuroraMC then?
AuroraMC is the culmination of 4 years worth of planning, development and testing. We've thought into miraculous detail about every aspect of the network and what we wish we got out of some of the other Minecraft networks. While there are likely to be some oversights, we have spent hours upon hours coming up with and developing advanced systems and features to cater to everyone's needs.

What is unique about AuroraMC?
Our aim from the beginning has been to make your experience on our network as painless and enjoyable as possible. As a result, we've developed systems to make your lives easier. We've spent hours coming up with Quality of Life features, such as our expansive party and friends system for playing with friends, or reporting and staff tools to deal with those pesky rule breakers.

One of the most important unique things: Our Games! We wanted to bring both the general player base, as well as the Competitive community something to play. Our feature game, Crystal Quest, is our take on the Competitive scene and we're hoping that the Competitive community love what we've done with the game. We've also created some unique twists on well-known games, such as our Paintball, Backstab and Arcade Mode games. We also have several games planned in the near future (including an open-world type game), so keep an eye out for that in the future!

As we're a group of gamers at heart, we've also know people want to feel a sense of achievement when they do something, so we've included an expansive level, statistics and achievements system, so you know how you're doing in each of our games, and the network overall. Feel free to view /stats when you're in-game to see just how much you can see!

One of our proudest additions is some of our cosmetics! We think we've come up with some cool cosmetics you can use across the network. Our Server Messages let you announce your presence in style, or our kill messages let your enemies know to fear you!

What about ranks?
We've thought long and hard about what we want to offer to people who want to support us, and we think we've come up with some cool features we hope you'll enjoy! As part of our lifetime ranks, as well as access to loads of exclusive cosmetics, we've added some features specifically for you! If you want to see all of our current rank perks, feel free to visit our store at https://store.auroramc.net/

As well as premium ranks, I'm sure you want to know about our staff ranks too! While you won't see many at first, we have a moderation team, consisting of Junior Moderators and Moderators who are here to help make your experience on AuroraMC as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our content creation team, consisting of Builders and Developers, are here to make content for the network as fun and interesting as possible. Our Leadership Team, consisting of Admins, Senior Developers and Owners, are here to make the network a better place to be and to hear all about your feedback and concerns and address them as quickly as possible. If you see any of us in-game, feel free to say hi! We don't bite, we promise!

For more information about our staff ranks, feel free to visit our Staff page or our knowledgebase in our support section.

When will AuroraMC release?
We are happy that AuroraMC is now at a stage where we can predict when all of our services will become available to the General Public. Whilst we will try our hardest to meet this release date, we may have to delay it up to three months, but no longer than that.

We aim to have AuroraMC's Services available to the General Public around 31st July 2022. This includes our Minecraft Network, Store, Discord, etc.

If you would like to hear more information about how we will run AuroraMC on release, please see our Opening Plan, which details exactly how we will be handling Staff, Updates, etc.

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