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Official Spleef Map Guidelines

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Spleef Map Guidelines
Spleef is by far the easiest game mode to create maps for. There are only a few specific requirements that you must meet, but otherwise, there's very little for you to worry about.

Layers - Whilst we do accept maps that have only one layer to them, we would prefer for maps to have more than one. The reason for this is that we don't want all games to last only 25-30 seconds. You MUST make sure that after the final layer the player falls into lava or the void.

Blocks - There are very few limitations on blocks, apart from the obvious ones (Soul Sand, Cobwebs, etc.)- The main limitation to Block Choice is that you must not use the block that you are using as the spleef block in your map. This is because the block that is listed on the datapoint (See datapoint guide) will be the only block breakable.

Space - You must remember that Spleef being an arcade game, can have up to 16 players playing at once. You should try to make your map big enough that these 16 players won't spawn directly next to each other and will have enough space to run around.

No Parkour - There must be no possibility of players being able to parkour out of the map. If there is places that players are able to get out of the map from the original platform they spawn on, your map will be denied.


Player Spawn

There should be around 16 spawn points scattered across the spleef area of your map. The game will cycle between these spawn points when deciding where to spawn players. If there are fewer data points than players, players can spawn in the same place as each other.

Spectator Spawn
This is where spectators will spawn, and where players will spawn after they’re eliminated. This data point MUST be placed on top of a sponge block and is normally located in the air.

Block Setting
The block setting will tell the game which block you have used as the spleef block and which block must be breakable by players. Please note that this MUST be accurate, as otherwise the map WILL NOT parse correctly and will not be pushed to the live network.

For help finding what to put on the bottom line, please see the Spigot Material page. If your block does not fit on the bottom line, please change the block you are using. This data point can be placed anywhere on the map and there only needs to be one.

Tool Setting
The tool setting should be very self-explanatory, this tells the game which tool the players require to break the block that was placed in the datapoint above. Your choices are:



NOTICE: Please read this section of the Map Guidelines carefully, as if you get the border data points incorrect, your map may not work as you intended it to.

The border data points are important to ensure that players cannot escape out of the map and glitch into spots where they would become unkillable.

Your borders data points should be located on top of a sponge block and should be located in one high corner and one low corner, identical to how you would make a WorldEdit selection.

Please ensure that ALL aesthetic builds that are purely built for decoration are located outside of the border, as we want to ensure that players cannot get to them under any circumstances, even if they are cheating.

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