Official Report Information Thread

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Official AuroraMC Bot Account
Rule breakers ruin the network for everyone, so we really appreciate it when people submit reports on users who decide to break our rules.

Whilst we know that vast majority of reports made are legitimate and have good intentions, we do have to keep in mind the fact that some users do have malicious intent when creating reports. For this reason, we have a number of requirements for reports in order to ensure their validity.

In-Game Reports
  • Screenshots and videos must display the full window size, including scoreboard, chat and boss bar when they are visible.
  • Evidence for any kind of hacking offence must be video.
  • In-game names of reported users must be clearly visible.
  • Evidence cannot be through the form of videos from replay mod, or similar.

Forum Reports
  • You must link to actual posts. Screenshots will not suffice due to how easy it is to inspect element and manipulate what people have said.
  • If an offence occurred in private messages, click the "report" button. This will allow staff to view all the PMs sent.

  • Please use the command to report a message. This will alert our staff who can take the appropriate actions.
Not open for further replies.