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Official /report Information Thread

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Our in-game report system is designed to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible. In order to report a user, simply type:
/report <username> [rule broken]

You do not have to specify the rule broken in the command, as if you do not, it will bring up a GUI with a list of possible report reasons. If you do enter a reason into the report, it will be sent automatically with no need to click on anything in a GUI. This is designed so that you can report people quickly and get back to playing your game, with as minimal interruption as possible. The only time you will be forced to use a GUI is for chat offences, in which you must choose the chat channel that the offence occurred in.

If you do specify a report reason, you must give an exact reason for it to be recognised by the system. You can report for reasons such as "Kill Aura" or "Filter Bypasses" however shortened versions such as "KA" and "FB" will be recognised in most cases.

Types of Report

Hacking & Misc.
These types of reports work in the exact same way. Staff will be given the username of the person you have reported and be asked to watch those users. Should they break rules in the time they are being observed, your report will be accepted and the user will be punished accordingly. Obviously, should the staff member not witness anything that breaks our rules, your report will have to be rejected and the user will not be punished.

Inappropriate Name Reports
This kind of report is sent in a queue automatically to the leadership team for review. The report system is linked directly with our IGN Blacklist system, meaning as soon as a report of this type is accepted, the username will be blacklisted automatically. This type of report is for use by both players and staff members who encounter inappropriate names around the network.

Chat Reports
Chat reports will send a log of all of the chat that has occurred in your current server (for the chat channel you select when making the report) - Any offenses that can be seen in this report will be handled and your report will be accepted / rejected accordingly.

It is vital that if you wish to report something that has happened in chat that you do this ASAP and in the same server that the offence occurred. Failure to do this may mean that staff are unable to view the offending chat message.

Chat logs are private and are only viewable by the staff team, you will not be shown the chatlog that is generated when you report someone.

Any attempt to bypass our chat log system through any means will result in the standard punishment being applied in addition to a punishment specifically for bypassing our systems.

Report Feedback
We realise that it can be very annoying to have people ruining your game, you reporting them and then you never find out if the user that you reported was even punished for what they had done. As a result, we wanted to make sure that feedback was a key feature of our report system when we were designing it. As a result, when you are online and a report made by you is handled, you will receive a notification in chat giving you the outcome of your report.

If you are offline, the next time you join, you will be greeted by this notification:


When you type /viewreports, it will open a GUI with your most recent reports as well as their status:

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