Official Punishments Information Thread

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Staff Management
AuroraMC has a number of different systems designed to protect our community from rule breakers. They are designed to be efficient for the staff team to use and easy for players to understand.


Standard Staff Punishments
For the majority of rules broken you will receive a punishment from an AuroraMC Staff Member. AuroraMC's punishment system automatically determines the punishment you receive. Whether or not you receive a warning, the punishment duration, etc. are all determined by the server. Staff have no say in the duration of your punishment. This system is standardised for all players and is completely fair and equal.

The punishment duration is determined based on the number of previous punishments you've had. Breaking more severe rules will mean that you will also get a longer punishment, even on less severe rules and vice versa. Should you reach a point where the punishment would be 60 days or longer, this punishment will automatically become permanent.

Junior Moderator Punishments

Our Junior Moderators are still learning the ropes to become a full Moderator. As a result, we supervise them more closely and as a result some of their punishments will require approval. If your punishment has "[Awaiting Approval]" appended to the end of your punishment, it requires approval. Should the punishment be approved, the full punishment duration will be served and the suffix will change to "[SM Approved]". Should the punishment be rejected, it will automatically be removed from your punishment history entirely.

Global Account Suspensions
Global Account Suspensions are issued by the AuroraMC Leadership Team in cases where we no longer want the user anywhere on the network. They will be permanently banned from all of our services including in-game, the forums, Discord, etc. Global Account Suspensions will result in all accounts that are connected to your IP being punished. You are not allowed to use alternate accounts to bypass a Global Account Suspension.

WARNING: By using a VPN on AuroraMC you risk your account receiving a Global Account Suspension if you end up sharing an IP with a user that has been Global Account Suspended. If this happens, please appeal. Once we verify that you are not the banned user, we will remove your punishment.

Username Blacklist
Some usernames are deemed inappropriate for use on AuroraMC. These usernames will be added to our blacklist. If you attempt to join the network with a blacklisted username, you will be kicked and required to change your username in order to join again. There is no need to appeal. The only reason you would need to appeal this kind of punishment is if you feel that it is a mistake that your username is blacklisted.
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