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AuroraMC's punishment system is designed to be fair and equal for all members of the community. When a staff member punishes a user, they have no say in the punishment that the user receives. Our system automatically determines whether or not a warning is required as well as the length and type of punishment they should receive. The punishment type and length depends on the specific rule broken as well as the individual user's previous punishment record. It does not take into account other factors such as the user's rank.

As a rule of thumb, the more punishments a user has had in the past, the longer the punishment will be. This goes up to a maximum of 60 days. Once the user reaches a threshold where the punishment would be equal to; or longer than 60 days, they will receive an automatic permanent punishment.

When you are punished, you will always be informed of what you are punished for. All of our punishment reasons will follow the format:
Rule Name Broken - Description given by staff [punishment suffix in some cases]
The "Rule Name Broken" will be the exact name from the rule book which was broken. This is followed by the description, which will give more context to the rule broken. For example, it may be a quote of what was said to break the rules, or a description of what the user was doing. Finally, some punishments may receive a suffix. This can be for various reasons, which you will find below.

If the punishment is issued by a Junior Moderator, the punishment reason will have an "[Awaiting Approval]" suffix appended to it. This means that a more senior member of the team is going to review the punishment, as well as it's associated evidence and decide if it is valid or not. This is to ensure the accuracy of punishments of our newer staff members. Whilst your punishment has this suffix, you are unable to appeal it.

Once the punishment has been reviewed, it will either be rejected and entirely removed from your punishment history or approved and given the "[SM Approved]" suffix. This means that after review, it was decided that the punishment is indeed valid. It is at this point that you are able to appeal your punishment should you disagree with it or wish to get it removed.

The "[Report #<number>]" suffix is given to punishments that have an associated report with them. You do not need to worry about this suffix - it's purely for internal, staff purposes.

At AuroraMC, we punish accounts rather than people in the vast majority of cases. If you have a new account after being banned, you are more than welcome to join the in-game network again. Please note that this does not apply to our Forums or Discord. It also does not apply in-game if you have been Globally Account Suspended.
The only time that we do punish specific people is in the event of a Global Account Suspension. These are issued by the administration team where they feel that a regular punishment is not severe enough for something a user has done. Globally Account Suspended users are no longer welcome anywhere on our network on any account. Any accounts found to be associated with the user will be removed from our network.

Inappropriate Usernames use a completely different punishment system from our normal system. Users who have an inappropriate name will have this username blacklisted from our network. This means that they will be unable to join our network whilst they still have this name. As soon as they change the name, they will then be able to join the network again automatically. Should anyone set their username to this same inappropriate name again in the future, they will automatically be unable to join the network, since the username is blacklisted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been banned or muted. Can I join on another account?
A: Yes. As long as you are referring to an in-game punishment and it's not a Global Account Suspension.

Q: I have been punished, but I haven't done anything wrong. What can I do?
You are able to appeal your punishment at - However, before you appeal your punishment, please make sure that you read over the punishment appeal information thread found here.

Q: Can you tell me who punished me?
No. Staff members are not permitted to reveal who has issued a specific punishment to you or any other user.

Q: Can I see the evidence for the punishment?
No. Evidence is private and for internal use only. Staff are not permitted to release evidence of our punishments to you or any other user.

Q: What is my punishment ID?
Your punishment ID is a code that identifies your specific punishment. It is used for internal staff processes that you don't have to worry about. All you need to do is ensure you enter it accurately into your appeal.

Q: I have changed my username after I was blacklisted, how do I get unbanned?
Nothing. Assuming you have changed your name to something that isn't inappropriate and not also blacklisted, you will already be able to join the network.

Q: I have been falsely banned by a staff member abusing their powers. What can I do?
Report the staff member by going to

Q: My appeal has been rejected. Why?
Your appeal failed to meet our criteria for a punishment removal. The exact details of these criteria are classified.

Q: I was banned permanently with no warning... what?
Some rules will result in an immediate permanent punishment. We have a zero-tolerance policy for offences such as hacking. As a result, you will be immediately permanently banned for this (and other) offences.

Q: Can I be banned for like 2 minutes to find out what it's like?

Q: I've been falsely punished. Should I message the staff member that punished me?
No. Generally, you won't know who has punished you. Even if you do somehow find out, messaging them will not result in you getting un-punished.

Q: Will punishments ever be reset?
No. Permanent punishments that are not manually removed as a result of an accepted appeal will remain effective for the duration of the time that AuroraMC is operating.
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