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Hiya guys!

We know we've been quiet and our updates usually come out of the blue. As part of our transparency policy, we want to let you know as much as possible about what we're up to and what we're planning for the future. In line with our commitment to transparency, we have put together a roadmap which outlines the updates planned up until Q4 2024. Please bear in mind these are rough timescales so they are almost certainly not going to be completely accurate. It should also be noted that it is not an exhaustive list, and other planned changes fall within the current roadmap, but they are mostly backend changes that do not affect your gameplay. You can find the roadmap at https://auroramc.net/roadmap.

What you may notice is that we have included one backend change that you may not notice in-game, but we want to let you all know about the technologies we utilise to bring you the network. So, we are excited to officially announce that we will be migrating from MySQL to MongoDB starting Q1 2024. We will be migrating the following information in its entirety to MongoDB:
  • Player Profiles including:
    • Ranks and SubRanks
    • Punishments
    • Unlocked Cosmetics
    • Friends
  • Statistics
  • All Discord Related Data
  • Crates (only unopened ones)
  • Other miscellaneous data currently stored in MySQL

The following information will be purged from the database and servers will begin populating with new data:
  • Sessions
  • Game Logs
  • Reports

There 3 reasons for the migration. For starters, it reduces the amount of DB pulls we need to make when loading in a player. Currently, when loading in a player, the server makes a minimum of 16 individual requests due to the database schema and is inefficient. With MongoDB, we can reduce this down to almost a single request (this will differ depending on server type, but core player data can be retrieved in a single request). Secondly, we are doing this to facilitate the development of the Leaderboards feature scheduled for development in Q2. MongoDB makes leaderboards significantly easier and more efficient to do. The 3rd reason links to one of the Long-term development goals of AuroraMC, however, we are not announcing this goal just yet. As we don't have a timeline for when the development of this project will begin, we don't want to make any false promises that get you excited about something that could still be years out.

We don't expect the actual migration of data to take long, but we will likely put the network into maintenance while we perform the migration to avoid out-of-sync data as well as to allow us time to switch our backend systems to use MongoDB rather than MySQL. We will announce more about this soon.

whew that was a long one. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ping one of us! We don't bite, we promise!

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