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Official [Public] AuroraMC Planned Updates


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Lasted Edited: 21/07/2023

Heya, everyone!

As you all know, transparency is our number one priority for AuroraMC. We want to be completely honest and let you know exactly what we plan to do, with limitations obviously, as soon as we are able to do so. As such, we've created this thread to let you know what updates we plan to do, and what bug fixes we already have noted down that do not need to be further reported as bugs.

It is important to note that, whilst we can confirm that these features and bug fixes will be coming at some point in the future, none of these updates are guaranteed to be in the next update as some may be harder than others.

Without further adieu, here's the list of upcoming changes:

New Features
  • A new Mob Arena Arcade Gamemode
  • A new Block Party Arcade Gamemode
  • A duel type rotation, which would allow us to switch in/out duel types to avoid there being too many to choose from at any given time
  • A title will be played on the screen at the start of each game briefly explaining what to do in the game.
  • Up 5 new Duel types.

Existing Feature Changes
  • Team Balancing will be completely revamped to allow for it to be more accurate and reliable

Bug Fixes
NOTE: Please note that if you are caught abusing a bug that affects gameplay, whether it is listed here or not, you will be subject to punishment as per our rules.

If you have any ideas that you believe could be a good addition to The AuroraMC Network, feel free to create an idea thread with as much detail of your idea as possible.

If you find something that you don't believe belongs on the network and could be a mistake, please submit a bug report with as much detail about the bug as possible.

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