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AuroraMC has a range of different sections in which you are able to submit your ideas to make the network a better place. However, in order for our team to work efficiently and consider these ideas, there's some information that we will require in all idea threads.
Idea Discussion Sections

General Idea Discussion
Any ideas that aren't features or games that will be available across the entire network, such as cosmetics, belong in this section of the forums. In these threads, you should include what your idea is:

What is your idea?
What does your idea bring to the server?
What exactly will your idea do (If it's a cosmetic, etc)?

Please note that this does not include website ideas, an explanation of how to send website ideas is further down in this thread.

Game Idea Discussion
All ideas for games that you believe should be added to AuroraMC belong in this section of the forums. In order for your idea to be considered and discussed efficiently, we request that you include the following information in your thread:

What is the name of the game?
What is the aim of the game?
Does your game have teams? If so, how many teams does it have?
How would your game be played, and how would a winner be decided?
Would your game have any kits or special abilities?

Feature Idea Discussion
All ideas that are considered features, such as commands, that are available across the entire network should be posted here. Similar to the general idea discussion section, the only information that we request that you include in your threads is:

What is your feature idea?
What will this feature do?
Feedback Sections

Website Feedback
All feedback related to our website services including but not limited to our Forums, Store, etc. should be posted in this section of the forums. If you have found a bug with one of our website services, please submit a bug report instead of posting it in this section, to avoid other people abusing it. In this section of the forums, you can suggest any additions, removal, or updates to any of our publicly available website services.

When creating a feedback thread in this section, we ask that you include the following information:

What are you suggesting?
What would this add to the website that isn't already available?
Why do you think we should add this idea to our website?
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