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Official Post-Update Bugfix Patch


Chief Operations Officer
Quality Assurance
In this update, we're fixing a bunch of bugs found after we pushed the Lobby Update pushed yesterday. Please remember, if you find a bug please report it at https://auroramc.net/bug-report/

  • Fixed split times not saving if you already have a split time for the same checkpoint.
  • Fixed crate hologram displaying the incorrect amount after opening a crate.
  • Fixed players not receiving the Parkour Master achievement after completing all three parkour courses.
  • Fixed issue causing some hidden achievements not to save correctly after a player relogs.
  • Fixed issue with some hidden achievements only being given if achieved on the first competition.
  • Made changes to one of the Hidden Parkour Achievements as it was too hard to achieve.
  • Prevent crate hologram from spawning for players that join whilst a crate is already being opened.
  • Fixed an issue when opening a crate that you purchased through the view crates menu.
  • Fixed the issue causing the "Add Lives" shop item to be multiplied when the lives lost per kill increase.
  • Fixed BuildUHC bow having incorrect enchantment applied to it at the start of a duel.
  • Fixed Kills not being counted at all in Sumo Duels.
  • Fixed Kills not being counted correctly if you punch a player into the void.
QoL Changes
  • Players will now be in Adventure Mode in the AuroraMC Main Lobby, meaning it will no longer be possible to break/place ghost blocks to reach places otherwise not possible without doing the parkour.

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