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Chief Executive Officer

Heya! I'm Brandon. I'm the CEO of AuroraMC. I manage our staff team as well as our various means of communications, including the forums, social media, and more! Outside of AuroraMC, I'm studying Television Production at university. Aside from that, I like playing games, watching Netflix, TV etc. and visiting theme parks!

Chief Technology Officer

Heya! I'm Block2Block, but most people call me Block! I am the CTO here at AuroraMC, meaning I take care of all of the technical sides of AuroraMC! I am the lead developer and created the foundation of the network, including all of the games and features at launch! Outside of Minecraft, I am a second-year university student studying Computer Science/Software Engineering (big surprise :LOL:). I play a variety of games outside of Minecraft, including UNO, GTA V, The Jackbox Party games and many more!

Chief Operations Officer

Hello! My name is Jake and I'm the COO here at AuroraMC. My main job here is ensuring that everyone in the community has their ideas heard and considered, but also making sure everything is as it is intended to be and that nothing unintended makes it onto the live network. Outside of Minecraft, I play a variety of games, including GTA V, UNO, VALORANT! and many more.

Recruitment Lead

What up, homeslice! I'm Loofii, and I'm in charge of Staff Recruitment! If you have any questions about the recruitment team, feel free to hit me up. I'm 19 years old, and I'm studying Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at university! I'm a big fan of Minecraft (duh), cats, and pestering the rest of the team.


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Not open for further replies.

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