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Official Map Building Competition


Chief Operations Officer
Quality Assurance
After some intensive planning, The AuroraMC Leadership Team are happy to announce that we're hosting a Map Building Competition! This means that you, the community, can build maps for our games for a period of time and potentially win some prizes if you are placed among the top 3 best maps.

The competition will receive an end date when there have been at least 30 unique submissions. This means that while we allow you to submit multiple maps, only your highest-scoring map will be eligible for prizes. For the best chance at winning, submit different maps for each category.

Your maps will be judged based on the following categories:
  • Best Overall
  • Best Aesthetics
  • Best Gameplay
  • Most Unique Theme
Now, you may be wondering what the prizes for this competition are... Well, you don't need to look any further.

1st Place in Best Overall will receive
  • £50 cash prize
  • 90 Days of Plus
  • A custom win effect
  • 3 Diamond Crates
2nd Place in Best Overall will receive
  • £25 cash prize
  • 30 Days of Plus
  • A custom win effect
  • 2 Diamond Crates
3rd Place in Best Overall will receive
  • £10 cash prize
  • A custom win effect
  • 1 Diamond Crate
There will also be prizes for each individual category. You will receive the same prize for placing in one of these categories, no matter which category it is.

1st Place will receive
  • A custom death effect
  • 30 Days of Plus
2nd Place will receive
  • A custom projectile trail
  • 1 Diamond Crate
3rd Place will receive
  • A custom friend status
  • 3 Gold Crates
All players involved in building a map that is submitted will be given 1 Diamond Crate.

Please note that to receive a cash prize you must be over 18 years old, or we must receive parental consent to give you the prize. Winners must either have a valid UK bank account or a Paypal Account.

Alternatively, you may request an AuroraMC Store Gift Card instead if you are unable to receive the cash prize.

Last, but not least, there are a few rules for this competition. Anyone found in breach of these rules and guidelines will be disqualified from the competition.

  • All builds must follow the AuroraMC Map Guidelines which can be found here. Exceptions will not be made.
  • All builds must be unique. Do not steal another person's build. We will be able to find out and you will be permanently disqualified from any build competitions hosted in the future.
  • You may build with as many people as you wish, however you must have a team name if there are more than 3 authors on a map. Please note that the cash prize for Best Overall will be split between your team if you have more than 1 member.
  • DO NOT rush your maps. If you rush your maps, you are less likely to be scored high in the competition, and as such will be less likely to win a prize. For the best chance to win a prize, be sure that you take your time.
All completed maps must be submitted through our Map Submissions form if you wish for them to be judged in the competition.

We recommend that you link your discord account as this will be the way we attempt to contact you if you win a prize.

Updates for this competition will be posted to this thread in Discord and on our Twitter account, so be sure to keep an eye on those to make sure you don't miss any important updates.

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