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Official Lobby Overhaul

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Over the past few days, the lobby has seen itself overhauled into a lovely place where everyone can have fun and mess around whilst waiting to join a game. A full list of updates can be found below!

- Implement Lobby Scoreboard
- Implement Server Selector
- Implement Hub Flight for Premium Players
- Implement Punching Staff for players with Master Rank or above
- Implement Hub Player Visibility
- Implement Lobby Player Cap
- Implement Rank-Based Lobby Join Messages
- Implement Lobby Switcher
- Added /fly command as a quick way to enable and disable Lobby Flight
- Simplified Currency Balances
- Allow Premium Players to bypass Lobby Player Cap

- Added The Monke, your local delivery ape
- Implement Daily, Monthly and Plus bonuses
- Changelogs can now be viewed in-game directly via The Monke
- Added Community Polls for players to vote on, also found in The Monke

Other Miscellaneous Changes
- Added /hub command
- Overhauled and Updated /stats menu
- XP, Tickets, and crowns earned per gamemode are now tracked in /stats
- Crowns Balance has been added to the Cosmetics GUI
- A link to our discord has been added to /help
- Added 1.18.1 and 1.18.2 Support

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Games Lost was not being tracked as a Game Played.

AuroraMC is currently still in development and is being opened temporarily for Closed Alpha Testing. If you wish to participate in the Closed Alpha, please join our discord at https://discord.auroramc.net

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