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Official Junior Moderator Information Thread

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What's a Junior Moderator?
Junior Moderators are the lowest staff rank on our network. Their primary role is to help players across the network; in-game, on the forums, and all of our other platforms. It is also their job to help protect our community from rule-breakers of all kinds. Whilst you are a Junior Moderator, we are training you up to become a fully fledged AuroraMC Moderator. This means that whilst you are a Junior Moderator, you will be in daily communication with your supervisor who will be guiding you along the path to becoming a Moderator. During the time that you are a Junior Moderator, you will be constantly watched to ensure that you are progressing and eventually identify when you are able to become a full Moderator. There is no set timeline for this. You could obtain your full moderator badge in weeks or months.

Being a Junior Moderator isn't all about the work though. At AuroraMC, we believe in ensuring that our staff feel valued and rewarded for the time they spend on our network. This means that we often have staff exclusive events, giveaways, competitions, and more.

What are the requirements?
We have a number of requirements for becoming a Junior Moderator to ensure that our user experience and customer service is the best it can be. As a result, in order to become a Junior Moderator, you must:

  • Be in good standing with the network. (Little to no punishments)
  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • At least 10 hours of in-game time.
  • Be an active member of the community.
  • Have a microphone & Discord account.
  • Ability to provide outstanding customer service.
  • Good understanding of AuroraMC utilities and game-modes.

These requirements are set in place for a reason, and unfortunately, we are unable to waive any of these requirements for any reason.

What happens after I apply?
We will read over your application and give you a response within 14 days. If we think your application shows potential, we will invite you to an interview. This will be conducted via Discord. Once the interview has been conducted, we'll make a final decision and either accept or reject your application based on that. Of course, we do also have a number of internal checks we complete on each application and applicant too, but the details of these are not public.

Rejection Reasons
We are unable to give customised feedback to anyone that hasn't reached the interview stage. As a result, we use a number of pre-defined responses for a lot of our rejections. Possible rejection reasons include:

We set out a number of instructions for the applying to be a Junior Moderator, including after a rejection. If you fail to follow our instructions, your application will be rejected. This rejection is most commonly received when someone applies after already being rejected without waiting the specified amount of time required before re-applying. It's also possible that we have found out that you have failed to maintain confidentiality about your application despite being asked to do so.

In order for you to prove that you are capable of taking on the job of Junior Moderator, you must show us that you are dedicated to putting effort and detail into your application. If you are rejected for this reason, it means that our Staff Management Team did not think you put enough detail into your application.

As per our requirements, all applicants need to be 16 years of age to be considered. If you're not 16 yet, then we're unable to take your application further. We hope to hear from you when you do finally turn 16 though!

We have found that in order to have a good enough understanding of the network, applicants must have an absolute minimum of 10 hours in-game time. We are unable to accept anyone with in-game time lower than this. You can check your in-game time by typing /stats and looking at book in the top left hand side of the GUI.

If you are rejected with this reason, it means we are not convinced that you are mature enough to become a Junior Moderator on our network after performing background checks.

As a staff member, the vast majority of communication with both other staff members and with the community will be through written text. If your application is poorly written and has lots of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, this indicates to us that your written communication skills may not be up to the standard expected of our staff members.

If you have been rejected in the past, we want to see you improve your application. By copying and pasting parts of your old applications, this does not show us any improvement. For this reason, we will not accept anyone that is found to be copying and pasting their application from other places.

A requirement that you must meet in order to join our staff team is that you must be in good standing with the network. If you have a recent punishment, that indicates to us that you do not have a good standing with the network and are unable to follow our rules. This makes you unsuitable to become a Junior Moderator.

If you reach the meeting stage of the application it is your chance to prove to us that you are right to join our team. You need to convince us that you would be an asset to our network. If you are unable to do this successfully, we'll have to decline your application.

This rejection reason simply means that your application didn't stand out enough to us. If you receive this rejection reason that chances are that you have what it takes to join us in the future, but you need to stand out more. We receive lots of applications and can't accept all of them - give us more reasons to pick you.

You have been banned from applying for Junior Moderator. If you receive this reason, you should already know that you are blacklisted. If you are unsure why or how long the blacklist lasts, please contact a member of Staff Management.

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