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Official How your ideas will be processed.

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Your ideas and feedback that you send us will be handled by our Community Management team here on AuroraMC.
What we look for in ideas
For each idea, depending on what sort of idea it is, it will go through a specific process before being sent off to our Leadership team for approval. For that reason, there are a few things that we will look for before beginning the official process for your idea. The main things we look for are:

  • Is the idea unique? - The reason we look for unique ideas is that we want to see ideas that haven't been brought up and rejected before. This avoids multiple of the same idea being brought up and continuously rejected.​
  • Is the idea detailed enough? - Your idea will not be instantly rejected if it is not detailed enough. What will happen though is a member of our Community Management team will respond to your thread asking for further details and promoting further discussion on the idea allowing us to get as much detail as possible before forwarding it for approval.​
  • Are there any limitations to the idea? - If there are limitations to the idea (e.g. The EULA) your idea may be rejected on these grounds. The reason for this is we want to be able to implement the ideas in the best way possible without limitations and, if we are unable to do this, we may not be able to add it at all.​
These are the three main things that we look for when in all ideas. If you're having trouble thinking of what you should include in your idea thread, take a look at this thread as it goes through what your idea thread should include.

The Process
As mentioned before, your idea may follow a different process depending on what type of idea it is. For example, all website feedback and ideas will follow a separate process to Game, Feature and General Ideas. Each specific process can be found below:

Website Ideas Processing Process.png
How Game & Feature Ideas are processed.png

Our number one priority is being as transparent as possible with the community regarding the ideas and feedback they send in. For that reason, should an idea be rejected by the Leadership team, we will personally respond to the thread ourselves detailing why the idea is unable to be implemented at this time.
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