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On some occasions, users will be issued a type of ban known as a "Global Account Suspension" - This type of ban is for players who the Leadership Team feel should no longer be able to access AuroraMC's services in any capacity. Users who receive a Global Account Suspension will be permanently banned on all AuroraMC platforms. These include but are not limited to in-game, our website, our Discord, our store, our social media accounts and any other platform we use. Unlike regular punishments, users who receive a Global Account Suspension are unable to bypass their ban by using other accounts. Any accounts associated with a Globally Account Suspended user's IP will also be permanently banned.

These bans are only issued after consultation between the Leadership Team. No one person is able to issue these punishments, they have to be approved by a vote by LT. Whilst reasons for a Global Account Suspension can vary by a lot, some common reasons often include:

  • Excessive, repeated rule breaking. If you have a lot of punishments, and it is clear that you are not going to improve your behaviour, LT may decide to issue you a Global Account Suspension.
  • Community Disruption. If you are intentionally trying to start drama or generally disrupt the community in a non-constructive and malicious manner, LT may decide to issue you a Global Account Suspension.
  • Misuse of influence. If you are influential, for example by having a large following on social media like YouTube, if you use this influence for bad, LT may issue a Global Account Suspension. For example, someone encouraging hacking on our network could be issued a Global Account Suspension.
  • Abuse of staff power or breaking our rules as a staff member. Staff members represent AuroraMC as a whole. If a staff member breaks the trust we create with them, then they are no longer welcome on the network. Any staff member caught abusing their permissions or breaking AuroraMC's rules may result in a Global Account Suspension.
IMPORTANT: Global Account Suspensions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. There are always individual nuances to each case we review which may alter the outcome. This means that two cases that may look very similar to outsiders may result in different outcomes by the Leadership Team.
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