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Official Event & NuttersSMP Version Update (21/07/2023)


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Hey everyone!

After months of waiting, it's time we bring you the long-awaited Event Update! We've been working hard across the last couple of months to make sure everything is working as intended and we can provide the best experience during Events.

Events will be organized and scheduled by our Events Team as a way to engage the community in fun gameplay whilst also removing the additional stress that some players may have of it affecting their statistics. Event Servers will never affect statistics and will have fun twists to them that you wouldn't see in the live game modes.

Below is a list of things you can expect from our Events Team during Events:
  • Fun Variations with unique twists on all of our available games.
  • Unique Prizes will be given by the AuroraMC Events Team for winning special event game modes.
As a celebration of the release of the brand new AuroraMC Event Server, the AuroraMC Leadership Team will be hosting a special event on Wednesday, July 26th at 7 PM BST / 2 PM EDT in Event-1!

Outside of the Event Server Changes, we've made a few changes to our other core systems, a list of these changes can be found below:

  • Fixed an issue with /viewcrates where it would display the oldest crates rather than the newest crates opened.
  • Fixed a few exploits with certain features revealing the true identity of players who are disguised.
  • Add a delay to the message sent if your discord account is not linked to avoid players being bombarded with messages whenever they log in.
  • Fixed a few more references to Cosmonaut Luna in the Lobby.
  • Added NuttersSMP to the Server Navigation Menu.
Game Engine
  • The game engine will now automatically return to the waiting lobby if an error occurs when the game starts.
  • The game engine will now automatically load the next game if an error occurs trying to load the game.
  • Fixed a few internal issues with how games are loaded.
  • Updated how games change settings such as hunger to make modifications to games significantly easier.
Additionally, for everyone that's been playing on the NuttersSMP, we've finally updated the server to 1.20.1! This comes with new Minecraft features including, but not limited to, a new biome! You can see the full changelogs for Minecraft 1.20 provided by Mojang at the link below:

Minecraft 1.20 Changelog

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