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Official Duels Map Guidelines

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Duels Map Guidelines
Our Duels game is likely to be a more difficult game to create maps for, as there are multiple different types of duels, and some of them require their own type of map.

That being said, there are a few things that we consider a must when it comes to Duels maps, and failure to meet these will result in the map being rejected.

Flat - The PvP part of the map, that being where the players will be spawned and will fight to the death, should be mostly completely flat.
NOTE: For sumo maps, the platform must be entirely flat, exceptions will not be made for this rule.

Decoration - You may create structures around the duel area that is for decoration. However, any structures created for decoration must be outside the border data points to prevent players from reaching them.

Water, Lava or Void - The sumo platform should be small enough that players can punch each other off without it taking too long, must have a pool of water, lava or immediate death to void underneath it. If you are not using water or lava, please make sure the border is where the water usually would be, so that players are not falling forever.
NOTE: This is specific only to those creating sumo maps, if you are not creating a map for the sumo duel type, please skip this.


Spectator Spawn

This is where spectators will spawn, should they choose to watch the duel. This data point MUST be placed on top of a sponge block and is normally located in the air.

Player Spawns
There should be exactly two spawn points on your map- any more than two can cause the game to glitch out.

Duel Setting
The duel setting tells the game which duel type the map is for, this is important because some duels, such as sumo, require different maps to regular duels.

The two duel types are "ALL" and "SUMO"

NOTICE: Please read this section of the Map Guidelines carefully, as if you get the border data points incorrect, your map may not work as you intended it to.

The border data points are important to ensure that players cannot escape out of the map and glitch into spots where they would become unkillable.

Your borders data points should be located on top of a sponge block and should be located in one high corner and one low corner, identical to how you would make a WorldEdit selection.

Please ensure that ALL aesthetic builds that are purely built for decoration are located outside of the border, as we want to ensure that players cannot get to them under any circumstances, even if they are cheating.

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