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Official Developer Update - December 2022 - What's happening in 2023?


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Hiya everyone,

Since our release back at the end of August, we've been slowly teasing new content coming out in the future. If you've joined our discord (Join here if you haven't) or been following our forums, you will know that there are multiple extensive updates that we have planned.

That being said we wanted to create this thread so that we can lay out, currently, what our plan is for 2023 and what you can expect from our side.

Development Updates
There are going to be many different content updates that you can look forward to in 2023 and we're excited to share what some of those updates are going to be.

New Game
First and foremost, as we teased back in our October Developer Update our lead developer, Block2Block, began working on a new game. We're hoping that the game will give a different experience to players that may not like playing minigames. This game will enter its final alpha testing in April, and we hope to be able to release it shortly after that. As we get closer to that final alpha stage, we will start to release game teasers as well as let everyone know what we plan to call this game.

Event Server
Currently, the only way we would be able to host events is through the use of admin commands. However, that will all change in 2023, as we plan to introduce an Event Server. These servers will introduce completely new twists to our games that have not been seen before. Whilst we don't have an exact timeframe for this, we are hoping that it will come around the same time as the New Game or not too long after.

Due to the limited resources and time, we may not be able to release many small updates during this time besides bug fixes and quality-of-life changes here and there, but we hope that the major content updates that we have planned will make up for these missing updates. Please remember that if you have any suggestions, whether that be quality-of-life changes, new games or anything else, we would love to hear them, as we aim to make sure the community comes first.

AuroraMC's Affiliate Program
Let's finish by addressing the Elephant in the room... If you saw our last changelog, you would've seen that we've implemented a new rank. We stated that we were adding it to save time in the future, as it would've taken unnecessary dev resources to add it.

hroughout the past few months, the AuroraMC Leadership Team has been watching a lot of content to find what we believe would be a good match for our network and send out invitations to our Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program?
The affiliate program is our way of giving special thanks to the content creators that are dedicated the most to creating fantastic content on AuroraMC. In addition to the perks that all content creators get, they receive some special perks, such as a unique Content Creator Code that their viewers can use on the store to get a discount and support them directly and so much more that we don't want to reveal just yet.

You may be wondering why we don't allow all content creators to have creator codes- this is because we want it to be seen as a special perk of being a part of our Affiliate Program. If everyone has one, then it becomes overused and content creators in our affiliate program may not see it as a benefit.

Additionally, when our event server is released, we will be opening the ability for Affiliated Content Creators to host one event per month through the use of an "Event Token"- These tokens will allow them to create an event server and create their own unique twists to our games. The reason that we use "tokens" rather than just allowing 'one per month' is that they may not be available to host an event every month and by giving them tokens, they don't miss out on anything.

How do I join the AuroraMC Affiliate Program?
Unfortunately, we are not going to open applications to join our Affiliate Program, meaning you need to receive a special invite from our Leadership Team. That being said, our content creators will be the first people that are considered for invitations when we send them out, so if you are a content creator and are interested in joining our Affiliate Program, feel free to send in an application for one of our regular content creator ranks if you meet the requirements.

Members of our Affiliate Program will be given the Partner Rank, which alongside the original content creator perks, will open more perks for them in the future- including, but not limited to the event server that was mentioned above.

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