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Official Crystal Quest Map Guidelines

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Crystal Quest Map Guidelines
Crystal Towers - Both side towers should be roughly the same distance away from the main base. They shouldn’t be located right in front of the base, as that could make capturing the crystals harder for the enemy team.

NOTICE: Both side towers will both have a crystal that must both be captured before players can enter the enemy main base. These should be located at the same height on either tower. The third crystal should be located inside the main base, but not on the ground floor

Do not use any half-block (e.g) slab as a ground surface - As players will be able to place blocks in Crystal Quest, you should not use half blocks as the main block for the ground as it may cause blocks to be placed weirdly, or not at all. You can use slabs as a substitute for stairs on the towers.

Open Space - While you should add obstacles to make it harder to return the crystals after collecting them, we ask that you try to allow enough open space for fights to take place.

NOTICE: Whilst this is a guideline for maps unless it is completely overboard, your map will not be rejected for this in the initial stages. If it turns out during map testing that there isn’t enough space for PvP, your map will be returned and you will be asked to make changes.

Even Maps - Each side of the map should be even, as such to ensure that neither team has the advantage because of the map. The easiest way to do this is to create one side and then copy it over to the other side.

Mining Area - The mining area should include a safe way of getting into it on both sides of the map, as such to ensure teams don’t have to take unnecessary fall damage to mine.

Liquid Sources - If you wish to use Liquid Sources on your maps, please make sure that they are not open and cannot be used as an advantage during fights. They should be used for aesthetics only.

The Mine - Please remember that the game is made for 4-5 players per team. You should make sure that the mine is large enough that there will be enough Iron, Gold and Emerald Ore(s) generated for each team.

Located below are the data points required when creating a Crystal Quest map. If you do not include all of these data points, or any are missing, your map will be rejected and returned back to you until they are added.

Main Base
Spawn Points
You should have at least 5 spawn points on the ground floor of the main base, close to the shop and exit, as to allow them to run for the mine at the start.

You should place two shop datapoints in each base, close to the spawn points of the players. Without these, players will not be able to purchase any upgrades for themselves or their team.

Crystal Return Points
There should be three crystal return points located inside each main base. They should be located at a maximum of one block apart from each other and should be on the ground floor, on top of a slab.

Boss Crystal
The third and final crystal that a team has to capture before finally killing a team for good is located inside the main base. This data point is required for the server to know exactly where this will be located.

There should be a chest datapoint sign as well as a regular ender chest placed in each base, in the same place on both sides. The chest will act as a team chest and the ender chest will act as a personal chest.

Outside Main Base
Mining Bot Area
There needs to be an area for the mining bots, to make it look like they’re actually mining ores. Players won’t be able to break ores in this area provided you place the correct data points. YOU CAN use ores for this area, as they will be protected by the game.

You will also need to have three data points for the robots themselves. These should be located inside the mine selection, as detailed above.

There MUST be 3 robot datapoints, as that is what the game is looking for. If even 1 of them is missing, the game will fail to load correctly.


Crystal Towers
In each tower will be located a crystal, you will need to add a data point so that the server knows exactly where the crystals are located, and what team the crystal belongs to.

There should be two of these for each team. See the “Main Base” section for details on the requirements for the third crystal.

Spectator Spawn
This is where spectators will spawn, and where players will spawn after they’re eliminated. This data point MUST be placed on top of a sponge block and is normally located in the air.

The Mine
This one must be done very carefully, as any small mistakes when doing this could cause the server to generate mine ores where they’re not supposed to be.

When you’ve created the mining area, which is usually (or should usually be) located in the centre of the map, you will need to place a wet sponge in place of any block that would be Iron, Gold or Emerald Ore(s) in the actual game.

Once you’ve done that, it should look somewhat like this:

The mining entrances can, but are not required to have ores in them, that is entirely up to you. Please remember that there need to be enough ores for both teams to have enough.

Any blocks that are going to be turned into mining blocks should be surrounded (behind the block) by bedrock, or another block. The reason for this is that mining is handled differently to regular Minecraft, and the block will just toss out the ingot to empty space next to it.

The following blocks are not allowed to be used in Crystal Quest Maps:

Oak Wood Planks (You can use slabs to make the block)
Cobblestone (You can use slabs to make the block)

Red or Blue Wool
Red or Blue Stained Glass
Red or Blue Stained Clay
Stone, Iron, Gold or Emerald Ores.
Cobwebs, Soul Sand or any other block that may slow movement.
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