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At AuroraMC, we want transparency with our community to be at the forefront of everything we do. For this reason, we will outline everything we will be actively doing to ensure that we are being transparent as possible.

  • Quality Assurance will have in depth knowledge of our plans for the network and for this reason will be the people to process your ideas and suggestions. This depth of knowledge will go a long way to ensure that ideas can be processed properly with the knowledge for it to be done accurately and fairly.

  • We will hold a bi-weekly Q&A session with the senior team. During these sessions, we will answer any and all questions that the community will have for us. We want to make sure that you feel that you are listened to, so these sessions our vital. Obviously, this has to be sustainable, and it may not be possible to get into a voice channel every single week and answer your questions. If we are unable to get into a Discord channel, we will at least answer your questions in written format on a thread.

  • The questions asked as well as their answers from the Q&A Sessions detailed above will be posted on the forums.

It's important to know that we want to be able to surprise with fun new content for you guys, so there will be projects that we will be intentionally vague on. This isn't to hide our secrets from you, it's purely to enable us to work on new content, make sure it's possible and at a high enough quality, and then we will let you know about it.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve our transparency with our community, please do let us know. Our doors are always open.
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