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Quality Assurance
If you have been punished and wish to appeal your punishment, or you believe that a punishment you have received is unjustified, you are able to appeal. Appeals are handled by our Quality Assurance team due to the fact that some information that may be required for appeals, such as anti-cheat logs, is only accessible by them.

If your punishment is issued by a Junior Moderator and is awaiting approval from our Staff Management team, please do not submit a punishment appeal. The reason that we ask you not to appeal whilst your punishment is awaiting approval is due to the fact that it may be marked as insufficient by their mentor, meaning your punishment will be removed anyway.

We allow you to successfully appeal a justified punishment once, with a two-week cooldown between each appeal. However, if you are appealing an unjustified punishment, you may appeal as many times as you need. If you are appealing an unjustified punishment, and your appeal is rejected, you may not appeal it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's saying my username is blacklisted when I try to log on, can I appeal this?
Answer: No. Unless you believe that your username has been blacklisted incorrectly, you cannot appeal a username blacklist. Inappropriate Usernames are blacklisted at the discretion of our Leadership Team. Once you change your username, you will automatically be able to join the network again.

Question: How long should I expect to wait before receiving a response to my appeal?
Answer: You should usually expect to wait a maximum of 72 hours before receiving a response to your appeal. Sometimes, your appeal will require us to look further into our anti-cheat logs or review the evidence attached to your punishment, which can cause it to take longer. If you haven't received a response within 72 hours, feel free to contact an Admin+.

Question: I was banned by the anti-cheat, can I get unbanned without showing any video?
Answer: Yes. We are able to view anti-cheat logs that will give us specific information about what you were doing that caused the anti-cheat to ban you. We will review these logs and come to a conclusion about whether or not it was justified. If your punishment was not justified, we will remove it.
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