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Official Account Security & Online Safety

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Keeping your accounts secure and yourself safe is very important. This guide is aimed at helping you to ensure your account doesn't get stolen and you don't put yourself in any danger.

➤ Account Security
  • Use a secure password. This means your password should:
    • Never be the same as a password you have used elsewhere online.
    • Be strong. Contain both upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special characters.
    • Be a reasonable length. The longer it is, the more secure it is.
    • Not be easily guessable. Using your name as a password is a bad idea.
    • Using a password management service is a good idea, just make sure it is legitimate and secure.
    • Avoid common phrases and words. For example using "Password" as your password is very insecure.

  • Use 2 Factor Authentication where available.
    • This is available on Microsoft Accounts, our Forums, Discord and many other services that are unrelated to AuroraMC. Using 2FA makes your account much more secure than a password alone.

  • Don't share your account
    • Keeping your account safe is your responsibility. Giving anyone other than yourself access to your account immediately jeopardises any security you have put in place on your account. If someone breaks our rules on your account, it is not an excuse that will get your punishment removed. We punish accounts - not people.

  • Be aware of scams
    • There are many people who want to get your account and will do anything necessary to get it, including scam you.
    • If you see anything that requires you to enter any kind of account information, be very cautious before proceeding.
    • No-one should ask for your password, security questions or other private information other than official Microsoft / Mojang login pages.
    • AuroraMC Staff will NEVER ask for your account passwords, security questions or 2FA codes.
    • If something appears too good to be true, E.G. free cosmetics items, etc. it probably is too good to be true and a scam.

➤ Staying Safe Online
  • NEVER give out personal information about yourself to strangers.
    • AuroraMC Staff will NEVER ask for personal information in-game.
    • The only time you may be asked for any kind of personal information is if you submit a support ticket. Even then, we will only ask for the minimum amount of information we need to process your ticket. This may include a transaction ID and your first / last name. We will never ask for your address, phone number, or any other personal information.
    • Additionally, if you ever use your rights under GDPR guidelines, we will need to verify your identity, so will need to confirm some personal information with you in this instance.

  • If something makes you uncomfortable, don't hesitate to block / report
    • If it happens in-game, submit a report using /report and if you want, /ignore the player.
    • If it happens on our forums, use the report button and if you want, leave the conversation. You can also modify your privacy settings to change who is able to contact you privately via our website.
    • If it happens on our Discord server, you can report the user to us. Whether it's on our server or your DMs, you can also Block & Report the user by right-clicking their username. This will send the report to Discord's Trust & Safety Team.

  • Be very careful of URLS
    • Our ONLY store, hence the only place where we will ever ask for debit or credit card information is https://store.auroramc.net/ - If this URL is anything other than as it appears there, then it is not our store. If you find any other websites attempting to impersonate our store, please report it to us so we can take action to get it taken down.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the information found in this guide or something is making you concerned, feel free to contact ANY AuroraMC Staff member.
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