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  1. Heliology

    Official Map Update (23/02/2023)

    Heya everyone! Today we're bringing you some new maps, as well as some fixes to some of our already live maps! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this update and we hope that you like the changes we've made. NEW MAPS MAP REMOVALS [Crystal Quest] Western - Bad Gameplay [FFA]...
  2. Heliology

    Official Cosmetic Update (31/01/23)

    There's not much in this update, but we do bring you quite a lot of new cosmetics added into crates, as well as a new Duel Type. Whilst the new content right now is slow, we are hoping to release a new map update in February that you can all look forward to. General Added 7 new emotes, all...
  3. Heliology

    Official Bug Fix & QOL Update (14/01/2023)

    In this update, we're fixing a decent amount of bugs found over the past 2 weeks, some game-breaking and some not so much. We appreciate everyone who helped find these bugs and report them to us, and we also appreciate those that helped us test the fixes! Please remember to report bugs at...
  4. Heliology

    Hello there.

    Hello there.
  5. Heliology

    Official WHAT SPACESHIPS? (03/01/2023)

    Who's Captain Calypso? We've never heard of this guy before 🤔
  6. Heliology

    Official Build Team Changes & Job Opening

    Heya, everyone! We're excited to bring you our first official job opening and let everyone know of changes we're making to how our Build Team works. Let's start off by addressing the main change to how the team will work- From January 1st onwards, Builder will no longer be a "volunteer" role...
  7. Heliology

    Official Game Update & Appearance Changes (10/12/2022)

    As we told you all during our October Developer Update, we have planned a content update for a few games to add fun new twists. In this update, we've added a majority of these updates. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we couldn't prepare a Christmas Update, but a Christmas Lobby & Waiting...
  8. Heliology

    Official Post-Update Bugfix Patch

    In this update, we're fixing a bunch of bugs found after we pushed the Lobby Update pushed yesterday. Please remember, if you find a bug please report it at https://auroramc.net/bug-report/ Lobby Fixed split times not saving if you already have a split time for the same checkpoint. Fixed crate...
  9. Heliology

    Official Lobby Update & Developer Update - October 2022

    Hiya everyone! At long last, we have our first large content update being released to the live network. Alongside this, we want to give you an idea of what you can expect from us for the next few months as updates may be slower due to the development of the new game. Firstly, let's get the...
  10. Heliology

    Official General QoL / Bugfix Update

    With this update, we bring some quality of life changes, a few bug fixes and a small content addition for Paintball. Bug Fixes - Fixed an internal bug which caused a memory leak when a player was kicked from a server for joining too quickly after startup. - Fixed an internal bug which caused a...
  11. Heliology

    Implemented Paintball Lives Lost Increase

    This idea has been implemented as part of the General QoL/Bugfix Update that was pushed on August 15th, 2022.
  12. Heliology

    Implemented Paintball Lives Lost Increase

    This idea will be implemented in one of the upcoming updates.
  13. Heliology

    Official Map Database - FFA (Arcade)

  14. Heliology

    Official Map Database - Lobbies

  15. Heliology

    Official Map Database - Duels

  16. Heliology

    Official Map Database - Paintball

  17. Heliology

    Official Map Database - Tag (Arcade)

  18. Heliology

    Official Map Database - Crystal Quest