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    Official Punishment & Appeal Information

    We've created a knowledge base that gives detailed answers to any frequently asked questions that you may have. There are many different categories that you can view in our knowledge base, and the links of such are listed below: Main Knowledge Base - http://auroramc.net/knowledgebase...
  2. AuroraMC

    Official Punishment & Appeal Information

    If you have been punished on one of our platforms and wish to appeal your punishment, or you believe that a punishment you have received is unjustified, you are able to appeal. Appeals are handled by our Quality Assurance team due to the fact that some information that may be required for...
  3. AuroraMC

    Official Punishment & Appeal Information

    On very rare occasions, a player may be issued with a type of ban known as a "Global Account Suspension" - This type of ban is for players who the AuroraMC Leadership Team believe should no longer be able to access our services in any capacity. Players who receive a Global Account Suspension...
  4. AuroraMC

    Official Punishment & Appeal Information

    Achieving a total of 5 Warning Points will result in a permanent forums ban. All warning points expire 60 days after they are applied to your account. Any of the rules listed here apply everywhere on our website including, but not limited to, public threads, private messages, etc. If you are...
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    Official Punishment & Appeal Information

    There are multiple different reasons that you may have received a punishment on the network. These rules are categorised into three different categories- Chat, Game and Miscellaneous. Additionally, there are 5 different weights that rules can have. As can be assumed, the worse the rule, the...
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    Official Punishment & Appeal Information

    The punishment system on AuroraMC is designed to be fair and equal for all players of the community. When a player is punished, the length is automatically decided by the system based on previous punishments. The system will also automatically decide whether a warning is required before a...
  7. AuroraMC

    Official Punishment & Appeal Information

    AuroraMC Punishment Information & Appeal Information Last Updated: Friday, 6th January 2023 (Forum Rule Change) ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― All information needed to know why you were punished, and how and when you can appeal a punishment can be found in this thread. For ease of...
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    I'm a robot. Beep Boop Beep Boop. Please don't send me messages. This account is not actively...

    I'm a robot. Beep Boop Beep Boop. Please don't send me messages. This account is not actively monitored. For purchase related issues, please go to https://auroramc.net/support-tickets/ For general questions, please go to https://auroramc.net/forums/help/
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  10. AuroraMC

    Official Welcome to AuroraMC

    Welcome to AuroraMC, a new Minecraft mini-game network. We are glad you're stopping by, let me introduce us. Who are we? We're just a group of gamers with a passion for making great things and making a community people want to be a part of. AuroraMC has been a passion project of ours and has...
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    Official How Bug Reports are Processed

    As we aim to improve our server by releasing new features and gamemodes for everyone to enjoy, there will almost certainly be issues that we aren't able to pick up on during testing. If you run into an issue that you believe shouldn't be in the game, please report it here and include as much...
  12. AuroraMC

    Official Meet the AuroraMC Team

    OWNER _Brandon Chief Executive Officer Heya! I'm Brandon. I'm the CEO of AuroraMC. I manage our staff team as well as our various means of communication, including the forums, social media, and more! Outside of AuroraMC, I'm studying Television Production at university. Aside from that, I like...
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    Official Content Creator Ranks Information

    At AuroraMC, we love seeing creative content being made on our network. In order to encourage content being made as well as offer a reward for people who create fun videos and streams, we have created the YouTuber and Twitch rank. In order to be eligible for either of these ranks, you must meet...