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  1. Block2Block

    Official New Store & Store Sale!

    Heya guys! A bit of an update from us. As you may know, our webstore has been under maintenance for about a week now due to an issue with our software provider being unable to verify our software installation and consequently locking us out of the software. After being in contact with the...
  2. Block2Block

    Official Developer Update - September 2022

    Hiya guys, We've been a bit quiet over the past few weeks about what's happening behind the scenes, so I thought we should give you an update on what to expect over the coming weeks/months. But first, we have a small changelog of some bug fixes and a couple of quality of life changes: Bug Fix...
  3. Block2Block

    Official Another Post-Launch Bugfix Update

    Another small update to fix some bugs found over the past few days. - Fixed description of a hidden achievement. - Fixed /msg to work when users are disguised. - Fixed Hub Explorer achievement being given too early. - Staff /vanish has been completely disabled during games. - [Paintball]...
  4. Block2Block

    Official Post-Launch Bugfix Update

    This is just a small update fixing some bugs encountered during launch. General - Rewards for achievements have been added. - All games now have game descriptions. - Fixed some typos. Arcade Mode - [Hot Potato] Fixed the spectator border issue and related spam. - [Hot Potato] Players are...
  5. Block2Block

    Official We're looking for builders!

    As AuroraMC gets closer and closer to being ready for testing, we will be looking to recruit some voluntary builders to help us create maps for the planned games and lobbies. Who are we? We're just a group of gamers with a passion for making great things and making a community people want to be...
  6. Block2Block

    Official How AuroraMC Works

    AuroraMC is a very advanced Minecraft network that uses hundreds of thousands of lines of code to keep running, as well as several other services that are essential to push updates, create new content and get the network running as smoothly as possible. To cater to those who are curious as well...