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    Official Weekly Statistics

    Weekly Statistics In order to be as transparent as possible, we will post weekly statistics about various parts of the network to show you how we are performing. Statistics will be posted in the replies to this thread.
  2. AuroraMC

    Official How Bug Reports are Processed

    As we aim to improve our server by releasing new features and gamemodes for everyone to enjoy, there will almost certainly be issues that we aren't able to pick up on during testing. If you run into an issue that you believe shouldn't be in the game, please report it here and include as much...
  3. AuroraMC

    Official Meet the AuroraMC Team

    OWNER _Brandon Chief Executive Officer Heya! I'm Brandon. I'm the CEO of AuroraMC. I manage our staff team as well as our various means of communications, including the forums, social media, and more! Outside of AuroraMC, I'm studying Television Production at university. Aside from that, I like...
  4. AuroraMC

    Official Content Creator Ranks Information

    At AuroraMC, we love seeing creative content being made on our network. In order to encourage content being made as well as offer a reward for people who create fun videos and streams, we have created the YouTuber and Twitch rank. In order to be eligible for either of these ranks, you must meet...