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AuroraMC Rules

The AuroraMC Network Rulebook

Please Note: This page shows the in-game rules only, if you would like to view the forum rules, please go here
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Important Information

All enforcement of our rules is decided by the individual member of staff dealing with the situation. Punishments may vary depending on the context behind the situation. If you believe a staff member is misusing their powers, please submit a support ticket and it will be handled from there.

Occasionally, punishments issued by specific staff members will result in an additional tag being attached to your punishment reason, this is intentional and is part of our punishments system. Information about each tag can be found below:

  • [Awaiting Approval] means that your punishment has been issued by a Junior Moderator and is awaiting approval from their supervisor. This is here to ensure that all punishments given are as accurate as possible. If the issued punishment is found to have sufficient evidence, it will be approved. Otherwise, it will be completely removed from your history.

  • [SM Approved] means that your punishment was issued by a Junior Moderator, but was approved by their supervisor. If you believe that this is incorrect, please submit an appeal.
All rules found on this page are subject to change at any given time at the discretion of The AuroraMC Leadership Team. By playing on the server, you acknowledge these rules and agree to follow them in order to continue playing uninterupted. Attempting to bypass these rules in any way is not allowed.

Different rules have different punishments for breaking them. In addition, if you have a history of breaking our rules, you will also be more likely to recieve a more severe punishment. More information about our punishment system can be found here.

Recent Changes

8th September 2021 - Document layout updated

Chat Rules


Sending 3 or more of the same or similar message, spamming random characters or generally flooding chat with irrelevant spam.

Examples here soontm.