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Official Forum Report Information Thread


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We have developed an incredibly easy way for you to report users for the vast majority of offences in-game. However, we understand that the system isn't perfect, so we do allow you to submit a Forum Report in some cases.

You can create a Forum Report:

  • For any hacking or gameplay offense that you have video evidence of.
  • For chat offences which cannot be reported using the report system, such as Report Evading.
  • For offences that happen over numerous platforms, such as Harassment.
We wish to stress that our in-game /report function should be the primary method you use to report players. It is more efficient, you will get a response faster and prevents various issues such as forged evidence and all the procedures we have to have in place as a result.

► Types of Reports

Discord Reports
Please do not use the forums to report Discord offences, instead, please use the !report command in Discord. This is a faster and more efficient report system for our Discord platform.

Website Reports
For offences on the website and forums, please use the "Report" button under every post. This allows us to more quickly and efficiently handle forum offences. The report button is under every post, whether it be a forum post, private message or profile post.

In-Game Reports
In-Game reports are what this reporting system is designed for, however, please be cautious that you follow all of the guidelines to ensure that the player is punished.

► Evidence

Evidence requirements
  • All evidence must be posted somewhere online that doesn't have to be downloaded.
  • All evidence must include the whole Minecraft window. It cannot be cropped. The hotbar, boss bar, scoreboard, etc. should all be visible.
  • Hacking offenses must include video evidence. Screenshots alone will never be sufficient for hacking offences.
  • Video recordings must be done using screen-capture software. A manual recording of your monitor will not be sufficient. We will include software recommendations below.
  • Screenshots must also be taken using software or print screen. Again, software recommendations below.
  • Evidence longer than 3 minutes should include timestamps to where the offence can be seen. Failure to include them could result in the report being rejected.

Software Recommendations
  • OBS is a free and very easy to use screen-recording software. It also includes features for livestreaming, however can simply be used to record.
  • BandiCam is another tool that enables you to record your screen and save the footage.
For hosting evidence, we recommend:
  • YouTube - An account is required to upload here.

Most PCs come with features that allow capturing screenshots:
  • Pressing the "print screen" button will take a screenshot. This is automatically put into your clipboard allowing you to paste it.
  • The Snipping Tool also allows for taking and saving screenshots. Just be careful that you snip the ENTIRE Minecraft window. This may have been renamed to "Screen Snip" in more recent versions of Windows 10.
Others can be found online:
  • Gyazo allows you to capture both screenshots and GIFs and automatically uploads them to Gyazo's servers ready for you to copy and paste a link directly to the evidence in your report.
  • Lightshot is another screenshot tool that allows you to automatically upload screenshots to their servers.
For hosting evidence we recommend:
  • Imgur - This is an easy to use image hosting website. An account is not required to upload files there.

Important Information
  • When reporting someone, you are responsible for the evidence that you include.
  • We recommend only uploading evidence that you have gathered yourself.
  • If any rules are broken by the person making the report in your evidence, you will be punished appropriately.
AuroraMC is not responsible for the content of the websites linked in this thread. They are recommendations for software only, and you visit these sites at your own risk.
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