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Forum Rules

Achieving 5 warning points will result in a permanent forum ban. Warning points will expire after 60 days. These rules apply to EVERYWHERE on our website. This includes private messages. If you are reported for breaking the rules in a private message, you will be punished exactly the same as anywhere else on the Forums. In some cases, when you break these rules, your post will be hidden from public view. Other times, a notice will be put in the post warning others that your post broke a rule.

1 Warning Point

Formatting a post in a way that makes it hard to read, look like spam or generally make it stand out. You will receive fair warning for this offence before being given warning points.

Posting anything that doesn't promote positive discussion of offer constructive feedback. Applies to posts that could also be seen as rude or disrespectful.

Posting content that is not relevant to the discussion of the thread..

Posting on a thread that has not had a reply in 2 months.

2 Warning Points

Advertising your own personal links, such as social media like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

3 Warning Points

Swearing or saying other filtered words by missing out characters, adding characters or bypassing in any other way.

Attempting to argue with staff, undoing staff actions or otherwise protesting staff performing their duties. Protesting can also be counted as creating threads that are designed to "call out" AuroraMC for a perceived injustice, false punishment or other reason.

4 Warning Points

Posting messages that are not appropriate. They may be sexual in nature or generally about a topic that is not suitable for children.

5 Warning Points (Instant Ban)

Any discrimination directed at someone due to the fact that they belong to a protected group. You can view our definition of a protected group can be found HERE

Advertising another company, whether it be a Minecraft server, or any other business with the intention of gaining customers. IE just saying "I like x brand" would not count as this rule, but saying "x brand is a far better server - join at xbrand.badserver.hello" would.

Maliciously giving out personal details of other players.

Spamming our forums with bots.

Both your new and old account will receive a permanent ban, even if the original punishment wasn't permanent.