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Hiya everyone,

Quite a big announcement from us today as we're excited to bring changes to how our Build Team works as well as announce our first official job opening!

As of January 1st, Builder will no longer be a volunteer position but will be more based around a commission-type system. If you're interested in what this means, head over to the thread below and read more!
Hiya everyone,

Since our release back at the end of August, we've been slowly teasing new content coming out in the future. If you've joined our discord (Join here if you haven't) or been following our forums, you will know that there are multiple extensive updates that we have planned.

That being said we wanted to create this thread so that we can lay out, currently, what our plan is for 2023 and what you can expect from our side.

Development Updates
There are going to be many different content updates that you can look forward to in 2023 and we're excited to share what some of those updates are going to be.

New Game
First and foremost, as we teased back in our October Developer Update our lead developer, Block2Block, began working on a new game. We're hoping that the game will give a different experience to players that may not like playing minigames. This game will enter its final alpha testing in April, and we hope to be able to release it shortly after that. As we get closer to that final alpha stage, we will start to release game teasers as well as let everyone know what we plan to call this game.

Event Server
Currently, the only way we would be able to host events is through the use of admin commands. However, that will all change in 2023, as we plan to introduce an Event Server. These servers will introduce completely new twists to our games that have not been seen before. Whilst we don't have an exact timeframe for this, we are hoping that it will come around the same time as the New Game or not too long after.

Due to the limited resources and time, we may not be able to release many small updates during this time besides bug fixes and quality-of-life changes here and there, but we hope that the major content updates that we have planned will make up...
As we told you all during our October Developer Update, we have planned a content update for a few games to add fun new twists. In this update, we've added a majority of these updates. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we couldn't prepare a Christmas Update, but a Christmas Lobby & Waiting Lobby is currently live on the network.

This is the biggest update we have done since the release of AuroraMC, with 80+ commits in the process of developing and testing the changes, so prepare yourself for a long read! Without further adieu, let's get straight into it!

General / Quality of Life
- Formatting for ranks has been changed and all ranks are now displayed as bold in both chat and tab.
- Leadership Ranks (Owner, Admin & Senior Developer) are now displayed in dark red.
- Added new "Partner" rank - We will release further information regarding what this rank is for in the future, but we're adding it now to save time later.
- Added Chat Emotes that everyone can use to make their messages look a bit spicier! (Everyone has automatically been given the Shrug emote!)
- A player's preferred pronouns (the preference) are now displayed when hovering over their name in chat and in the tab list!
- A player's in-game time and games played are now displayed when hovering over their name in chat.
- The game server tab list has been redesigned and now includes more information, such as the server you are in, the map & more!
- Updated stats menu to show stats for the new paintball items, and new game kits.
- Added /emotes command to show you which emotes you have access to use.
Heya guys!

A bit of an update from us. As you may know, our webstore has been under maintenance for about a week now due to an issue with our software provider being unable to verify our software installation and consequently locking us out of the software.

After being in contact with the software developers, it was quickly apparent that this was not something that was going to be a quick fix, and based on what we've seen it's not looking likely that the software was going to receive updates/fixes long-term. We've had to act quickly to get our store back online.

As a result of this, we have migrated our store to Tebex, and along with that comes a new theme! Our store has had a complete redesign, and now fully matches the theme of our forums! The new theme comes with a whole new look, matching the look and feel of the website, while having its distinct differences to cater to its different use-case.

We do hope you will check it out, and feel free to buy some of our ranks or other items on sale!

Due to the fact the store was offline for so long and to celebrate the launch of the new store, we have activated our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale early so you can grab everything from the store for a whopping 25% off!

You can check it out at https://store.auroramc.net/


Hiya everyone!

At long last, we have our first large content update being released to the live network. Alongside this, we want to give you an idea of what you can expect from us for the next few months as updates may be slower due to the development of the new game.

Firstly, let's get the changelog for this update out of the way!

  • Changed how holograms generate to make it easier to create personalised and universal holograms.
  • Changed how fake players are handled to make it easier to manage.
  • Added /plugins command for curious players interested in the plugins we created.
  • Added 3 new parkour courses: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • Parkour leaderboards are shown as holograms next to the parkour.
  • Added Quick Teleports in the Server Navigation Menu for all 3 new parkour courses.
  • Changed the Open Crates holograms to now show how many you have available to open.
  • The view crates menu will now display the number of each individual crate you have.
  • Parkour Statistics are now tracked in the Stats Menu.
  • Implemented 3 parkour-related achievements.
  • Implemented 4 parkour-related hidden achievements.
QoL Changes
  • The hats given as the level rewards for levels 1-30 are now hidden in the cosmetics menu if you do not have them unlocked.
  • The "Browse Games" compass has been renamed to "Server Navigation"
  • The Server Navigation menu now shows the number of players in each game.
  • The number of players in each game is now displayed above the title of the game in the Lobby NPC's
  • Renamed & Recategorised the original "Jumper Mc. Jumperson" achievement
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed hover text in /help being broken in later versions of Minecraft.
  • Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances, the text formatting in GUI's was still broken in later versions of Minecraft.
So, what's next?
Well, as we stated at...