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    Official Account Security & Online Safety

    Keeping your accounts secure and yourself safe is very important. This guide is aimed at helping you to ensure your account doesn't get stolen and you don't put yourself in any danger. ➤ Account Security Use a secure password. This means your password should: Never be the same as a password...
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    Official AuroraMC Development Update

    It is clear from the number of people already attempting to join the network, view our forums and generally interacting with our content before we're even open or advertising that we exist that people are already interested in our project. We have said right from the conception of AuroraMC that...
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    Coming Soon!

    Our network is currently in development and not open yet! Check back later! :) 05/12/2021 Update: Please see the article HERE regarding our progress with development.
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    Official /report Information Thread

    Our in-game report system is designed to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible. In order to report a user, simply type: /report <username> [rule broken] You do not have to specify the rule broken in the command, as if you do not, it will bring up a GUI with a list of possible report...
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    Official Global Account Suspension Information

    On some occasions, users will be issued a type of ban known as a "Global Account Suspension" - This type of ban is for players who the Leadership Team feel should no longer be able to access AuroraMC's services in any capacity. Users who receive a Global Account Suspension will be permanently...
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    Official Punishment Information Thread

    AuroraMC's punishment system is designed to be fair and equal for all members of the community. When a staff member punishes a user, they have no say in the punishment that the user receives. Our system automatically determines whether or not a warning is required as well as the length and type...
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    Official Forum Report Information Thread

    We have developed an incredibly easy way for you to report users for the vast majority of offences in-game. However, we understand that the system isn't perfect, so we do allow you to submit a Forum Report in some cases. You can create a Forum Report: For any hacking or gameplay offense that...
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    you wot now?

    you wot now?
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    Le Monke

    Le Monke
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    Official AuroraMC Opening Plan

    As we are always saying, we want to be as transparent with you as possible. As part of this, the following thread is designed to detail how we plan to expand our network from launch. Opening Day Staff First things first: Staff applications will not be open straight away. To begin, whilst we...
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    you smell.

    you smell.
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    says you

    says you
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    go to bed

    go to bed
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    Very cool pfp

    Very cool pfp