• AuroraMC Will close it's doors on Friday, March 1st, 2024 at 11:59 PM GMT. More information here.
With a heavy heart, we are announcing that AuroraMC will be closing its doors. Our servers will go offline on Friday, March 1st, 2024 at 11:59 PM GMT.

We appreciate everyone that's stuck with us and played our games. We deeply appreciate the support you’ve given us over the years. We didn't want you to all have to guess what was going on, so we wanted to be transparent about what is happening. This also gives you the chance to play some of your favourite games before our servers go offline.

Our running costs have become too much for us to cover without additional funding, and it's becoming more difficult to find time to give the network the attention it deserves. As a result, we believe now is the right time to move on.

Our current plans are to open-source our entire software library. We will make our plugins, and other developed systems, available for you to view and use for free at your will (with exceptions). We will not, however, release our configurations or data that has been collected. Our website will remain online as our hosting lasts until October, but we will disable account registration and we will upload a tribute on March 1st. Our Discord bot will be taken offline, but we will keep the Discord open.

We are deeply disappointed we have to close our doors, but we hope to plan 1 final event to play all our games before closing our servers.
We wish you all good luck in the future, and we hope you’ve enjoyed playing our games!

~The AuroraMC Leadership Team
Hiya guys!

We know we've been quiet and our updates usually come out of the blue. As part of our transparency policy, we want to let you know as much as possible about what we're up to and what we're planning for the future. In line with our commitment to transparency, we have put together a roadmap which outlines the updates planned up until Q4 2024. Please bear in mind these are rough timescales so they are almost certainly not going to be completely accurate. It should also be noted that it is not an exhaustive list, and other planned changes fall within the current roadmap, but they are mostly backend changes that do not affect your gameplay. You can find the roadmap at https://auroramc.net/roadmap.

What you may notice is that we have included one backend change that you may not notice in-game, but we want to let you all know about the technologies we utilise to bring you the network. So, we are excited to officially announce that we will be migrating from MySQL to MongoDB starting Q1 2024. We will be migrating the following information in its entirety to MongoDB:
  • Player Profiles including:
    • Ranks and SubRanks
    • Punishments
    • Unlocked Cosmetics
    • Friends
  • Statistics
  • All Discord Related Data
  • Crates (only unopened ones)
  • Other miscellaneous data currently stored in MySQL

The following information will be purged from the database and servers will begin populating with new data:
  • Sessions
  • Game Logs
  • Reports

There 3 reasons for the migration. For starters, it reduces the amount of DB pulls we need to make when loading in a player. Currently, when loading in a player, the server makes a minimum of 16 individual requests due to the database schema and is inefficient. With MongoDB, we can reduce this down to almost a single request (this will differ depending on server type, but core player data can be retrieved in a single request). Secondly, we are doing this to facilitate...

Hey everyone!

After months of waiting, it's time we bring you the long-awaited Event Update! We've been working hard across the last couple of months to make sure everything is working as intended and we can provide the best experience during Events.

Events will be organized and scheduled by our Events Team as a way to engage the community in fun gameplay whilst also removing the additional stress that some players may have of it affecting their statistics. Event Servers will never affect statistics and will have fun twists to them that you wouldn't see in the live game modes.

Below is a list of things you can expect from our Events Team during Events:
  • Fun Variations with unique twists on all of our available games.
  • Unique Prizes will be given by the AuroraMC Events Team for winning special event game modes.
As a celebration of the release of the brand new AuroraMC Event Server, the AuroraMC Leadership Team will be hosting a special event on Wednesday, July 26th at 7 PM BST / 2 PM EDT in Event-1!

Outside of the Event Server Changes, we've made a few changes to our other core systems, a list of these changes can be found below:

  • Fixed an issue with /viewcrates where it would display the oldest crates rather than the newest crates opened.
  • Fixed a few exploits with certain features revealing the true identity of players who are disguised.
  • Add a delay to the message sent if your discord account is not linked to avoid players being bombarded with messages whenever they log in.
  • Fixed a few more references to Cosmonaut Luna in the Lobby.
  • Added NuttersSMP to the Server Navigation Menu.
Game Engine
  • The game engine will now automatically return to the waiting lobby if an error occurs when the game starts.
  • The game engine will now automatically load the next game if an error occurs trying to load the...
NuttersSMP Release

We're happy to announce that we're partnering with Jellypeanut to host The NuttersSMP.

On top of the standard AuroraMC Network Rules, we also have some SMP specific rules.
  • No Griefing
  • No Stealing
  • As with the rest of the network, no cheating.
  • Be respectful to one another.

If you've played on the previous NuttersSMP, many of the old, and much loved features will make a reappearance on the New SMP including:
  • KeepInventory enabled in the overworld only
  • Teleport Requests
  • /back command
  • Being able to set a home and teleport to it (There's a twist to this one)
  • The ability to lock containers - Chests, Furnaces, etc (There's also a twist to this one)
  • Fire Spread disabled
  • NightSkip
  • The Nether will be closed from public access for the first week of the SMP and The End will remain disabled until an event is announced.

Next up is the new feature that we think you will all love, teams. On this new SMP, players will have the ability to create and join teams with other players whilst playing. Creating and joining a team will provide many different benefits including, but not limited to:

  • The ability to set a team name which will display in both chat and tab menu
  • The ability to set a shared team home (This will allow anyone that is part of your team to teleport to the same home without having to set it all individually) This will override a player's personal home
  • A shortcut for locking containers (You will be able to lock a container automatically to every player that is in your team, rather than having to add them all individually)

A word of warning- We will have the ability to see who, when and how blocks were altered if a player reports an issue with griefing, and will be taking all cases of griefing very seriously. If you are found to be...
Hey everyone,

Today we're bringing the long-awaited infrastructure update that we've been hyping over the past couple of weeks. With over 80,000 line changes occurring in 1200+ files, we're excited about what's to come as a result of this update and we hope you are too. Additionally, we've made some quality-of-life changes and fixed quite a few issues with this patch. Be sure to check out the changelog below.

New Infrastructure
  • Our internal API has been overhauled to increase the speed of future updates.
  • Our server and proxy cores have been merged into 1 project.
  • Server-side Player events have been overridden with custom events to make future development easier.
  • Cosmetics and achievements are now registered by the base AuroraMC API, so issues with plugin version mismatches and forgetting to register cosmetics or achievements are now significantly reduced.
  • Abstracted common code from our Proxy and Server cores to make future development easier.
  • Abstracted common Player functions to be runnable from our internal default AuroraMCPlayer class, resultantly we have disabled our developer access to the Player object.
  • Message formatting should now be consistent between versions, as we have switched from using Strings with Formatting Codes to using base component messages.
  • Certain cosmetic types will now remain enabled regardless of whether or not cosmetics are enabled in a server.
  • Items in the main cosmetic GUI now glow when a cosmetic of that type is currently active.
  • A hidden achievement has been made less sensitive due to certain strings in chat triggering the achievement to be achieved.
  • Holograms have been slightly reworked to prevent lag.
  • Players will now receive reminders in the Lobby if they do not have their account linked to Discord.
  • Captain Calypso has fixed his issue and gone on to his final destination...